Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Holler! What you're reading now is the real come-back entry to my blog after more than 3 years of hiatus. So sorry that it took me that long to be back.

I've decided to bring this back to life, now that I have more time for myself and some passion projects on the side. If you want to know what just happened that led me to this, then here's a bit of info.

I no longer do office-based work at some company yada yada. Since late August, I am already working from home. No more traffic stress for me! *cheering* That's why I had the time to think, straighten things out, and now I have decided how to make use of my extra earned time.

So, what can you expect from here?

Well, you'll find here more posts, especially reviews, from me. I cannot promise to focus on one niche. It will still be a variety of things -- beauty, fashion, food, activities, etc. It's going to be a deep well of surprises!

Another thing to expect is my vlog. Yep, you read that right. Video blog. I'll be setting up my YouTube Channel. I know vlogging really boomed out this year, though there were already others who started a couple of years ago. It's just overwhelming that a lot of people are into it now. But I'm not just riding on a fad here. It takes a lot of talent and skills, really. My very personal reason for getting into vlogging is to further develop my self-confidence and my video editing skills. Not that I'm not sociable, but when I say self-confidence, I just want an avenue where I can express myself out of my comfort zone, which is writing. Also, video editing has been one of my hidden skills I really wanted to develop, but I did not have any avenue for it to be practiced. So, I guess it's about time!

For my next blog entry, I will be doing a round-up review of the new beauty products I've been using for the past 2 or 3 months.

And because I am happy to back... 
Merry me 
Hello! Yes, I know it's been more than a year of hiatus. Finally, I have decided to break the silence and revive this nearly zombie-fied blog.

For the past months, it always came to mind to begin with the revival and talk about the places I went to, but didn't had the right push to do so. Haha. But now, here I am.

So without further ado, here's a round-up of the remarkable places and events I have been to this year.

7 Eleven Run. My first 10K running event for 2014. Originally, four

Pinto Art Museum


R3RUN. So far my longest distance running event. I joined the 12K category.

Tiyo's Cuisine by Chef & Brewer.

This is the draft of my supposedly come-back blog entry last October 12, 2014. I decided to post it still today, October 25, 2016, just so you know what happened to me during those gaps. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deals: Cakes R' Us from Ensogo

Last February, I bought an Ensogo deal from their merchant, Cakes R' Us. If you've been purchasing deals lately from group buying sites, you'll notice that they have a (not so) new option of choosing your preferred branch to redeem the product or service. And for this deal, I chose SM Sta. Mesa branch, since it was near my soon-to-be work at that time. What attracted me to buy this deal is because of its good discounted price specially that it's a personalized cake and I know that I can use it for an upcoming occasion.

So May came and I'm excited to redeem this cake. I just thought of personally going to SM Sta. Mesa to reserve a few days before my target date of redemption, went around the mall but can't seem to find the store. To my surprise, the guard that I approached told me that they recently pulled out. They're closed. They're gone. BAM!

I was so disappointed. Yes, there were other branches but they were out of way. AND they didn't even thought of informing their customers that this particular branch was closed. To add to my disappointment, the given number on the voucher didn't even bother to give me a response. I even had to research on the internet for other possible numbers to contact and yes, I found another mobile number. I became even more annoyed when I was told that it is required to personally go to the store to reserve since it was a personalized cake. Yes, I get the logic but I think that it was too much hassle because the fact that you've bought a deal online, there is the essence of CON-VE-NIENCE. So that means, they should have provided means to allow their customers to give instructions or to contact their store staff in any way possible other than paying a personal visit. It required their customer too much effort and time. One day for the reservation and another for the pick-up.

Okay, so I had no choice. I wasn't able to bring it for a birthday celebration, but I had to use the voucher so that I wouldn't feel that my money was wasted. I chose the Megamall branch and I went there early this month to reserve. Since the nearest occasion on my chosen pick-up date was Independence Day, this was the theme for my cake. My mom picked up the cake last 13th of June. I indicated the time of pick-up to be between 1 to 2pm. My mom arrived at past 2pm and they said that the cake will arrive around 3pm. BAM! 3pm came and still no cake. My mom told me that the other customers were also waiting and disappointed. The cakes were delivered around 4pm and my mom even told me that they don't even have straws to tie the box. And the cake was a little distorted. Ugh. The cake doesn't really look special. I didn't see the "independence" blue that I was expecting and the taste was ordinary for me, for us.

Okay. So my rating? 1 out 5 stars. Merry not </3

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Makeup: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I've been using this gel eyeliner from Maybelline for almost six months now. I first knew about this product because of their promotions on Facebook last July. They were giving out 20% off vouchers which can be used when buying this gel eyeliner at any Robinsons Department Store. And because I was really eager to learn to do make up, I wanted to look for a not so expensive gel eyeliner, thus the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner was my pick. I think this is the cheapest gel eyeliner that's available so I really grabbed the opportunity to get the 20% discount.

The  Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner has this black packaging box. It says it's quick-dry, intense color lasts all day. Printed in blue: smudge proof & water proof 24H. What I got was the black gel.

Okay so now onto the product. It has a 2-gram (i think?) pot of gel eyeliner that comes with a brush. This free brush is just superb! It's easy to control and doesn't create any stray lines when you apply the gel. The gel is creamy enough just make sure not to leave it uncovered else you'll come home seeing a hardened gel.

Now let's talk about which ones written on the packaging are true. It's not as quick-dry as what I heard how quick-dry other eyeliners are. Maybe the reason is this is gel so it doesn't dry up fast? I'm not so sure. I haven't tried wearing this all day, so I'm not sure if it lasts 24 hours. But yes, it is smudge-proof and water-proof. I use petroleum jelly to remove it. Every time I wash my face and try to remove it by rubbing my eyes with water, it just makes it more look dirty, smudgy, so the best way to remove it is use a make-up remover or a petroleum jelly, like what I do. 

Here's a couple of eye shots with this eyeliner on:

taken with flash while standing

taken without flash while lying down

So far, I'm satisfied with this product, except that I heard Maybelline tests on animals. If I'm still on a budget, I'll definitely buy this again, but I like to try the gel eyeliner from Tony Moly. Hihi.

Merry me 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012