Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

True to its name, PuroMakapuno!

Have you tried eating macapuno? Did you love it? Wait, 'til you read this!

I can't remember the last time I ate macapuno before I tasted this unforgettable one two Saturdays ago after the Summit (more about it here) I attended. I received three bottles of PuroMakapuno as giveaways from the said event. When I got home, I excitedly showed my loot bag to my parents because I know they love pasalubongs. They were a little hesitant to believe that I got them for free; they thought I bought it somewhere. So after dinner, Dad opened one bottle so we can taste it. I thought they were just being their normal matakaw selves that night because they were scooping out macapuno from the bottle a number of times. Dad said, "eto ang makapuno. Puro!", and Mom totally agreed. I saw their happy devouring facial expressions so after eating dinner I tried it also. And yes, it was really yummy! It was just supposed to be a tikim, but we ate half of one bottle.

half-empty PuroMakapuno bottle :p
By the time we ended with our dessert, they were asking me how much one bottle is, but I didn't know the answer so I tried looking for the Facebook page and website. I came about their website and I learned that they are just not producing and selling this good stuff, but they are also advocates of helping provide livelihood for Filipinos. Their service offers a complete business package that includes the following:
  1. Supply of embryo-cultured true-to-type PuroMakapuno seedlings good for a one-hectare farm.
  2. Technical assistance in the cultural management of the plantation;
  3. Technical assistance in the set-up and operation of an embryo-culture laboratory; and
  4. Marketing assistance for embryo-cultured Makapuno seedlings and Makapuno preserves or “Buy-Back Agreement” for Makapuno embryos and Makapuno nuts.

Seem interested? Read more from the PhilHybrid website or send them an email at

I shared to my good friend, Jobs, this good news and she loved it! I'm sure you'll love PuroMakapuno, too! Show them your support here.

Merry me 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outfit: Nude Red

Top: HK hand-me-downs from my Tita; katcha-like fabric
Bottom: HK hand-me-downs from my Tita
Bag: CMG
Shoes: S&H loafers

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Outfit: Vintage-y

Top: mom's old blouse
Bottom: Bench overhauled jeans
Bag: thrifted
Shoes: S&H loafers
Earrings: pasalubong from a friend

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Call Against Cyber Martial Law

Today is October 2, 2012. Today is Black Tuesday Revolution. This is a call to invite everyone who wants to fight for their freedom of expression. Join this movement before it's too late.

a screen shot of Facebook profile

went around the neighborhood proudly wearing this shirt.
proud to be a netizen.

photo credits: Marki Tan

There is a need of this law, but I support the removal of provisions that are vague and unjust. I certainly agree with Sen. Guingona.

Photo credits:

What has become of our nation?

Merry not </3

Monday, October 1, 2012

Online Shopping

How many times have you tried buying online? As for me, I really cannot remember because my memory is not that good. Teehee. But I will be sharing some of my experiences when it comes to online shopping.

Since I cannot remember the first thing that I bought online, might as well share the one I recently bought. My recent buy was from a group buying site, Ensogo. I bought a beauty product called NNO -- Nourishing Night Oil. I first knew about this product on Laureen Uy's blog. I might write a separate review for this soon. At that time, NNO was giving away free trial packs, but too bad I was too late to inquire about it. So when it was available on Ensogo, I bought two packs, one for me and one for my mom. Group buying sites offer goods and services at a discounted price. I got my purchase at 51% off. Recently, some of the brands they carry already offer a delivery option, free or with charge.

I'm pretty much sure you know the drill when it comes to these group buying sites. You purchase, print your voucher, then bring it when going to the shop to claim your item or service. So far, I think the negative thing about them is having misleading promo descriptions. Sometimes, I think it's also the misunderstanding of a customer. One perfect example is the percentage of discount. The ad says 50% OFF and they're selling a Gift Certificate worth P400 that you can use to purchase an item worth P550. Technically, the 50% OFF label is correct since you bought the GC for P200 instead of P400. But if you really think of it, you did not save 50% in purchasing the item since you still have to add P150 to complete your purchase.

See, sometimes it can be really confusing. As customers, we don't want to be fooled, but if it's really your fault because we didn't cared to know all the details, then admit that it's your fault. Just charge it to experience. That's why whether you are shopping online or not, you must be really careful and read the fine prints of whatever you are buying.

Here are some of the group buying sites I'm familiar with that you might want to visit:

Ensogo PH
Deal Dozen
Groupon PH
SMAC Deals

You can also look for good finds in some shops on Facebook and Multiply. You just have to be careful on some bogus sellers, as I have already experienced buying from one. As a seller, I also use and, but I haven't really tried buying from the other sellers there.

Another popular e-commerce site is ZALORA. I bought twice from them and I personally think that their service is great. They offer free shipping, 30 days return, and they have a COD payment option (my favorite!). I really like their COD payment option since I personally don't want to use my credit card for some unplanned purchases. This is also very convenient for those shoppers who do not have debit/credit cards and making it even more convenient for those opting for over the counter payments.

A lot of brands are starting to develop their own online shops as well. Well, since everything you need is on the internet nowadays, might as well put shopping there, too. The holiday season is fast approaching and I hope these online shops will live up to the expectations of their customers, even during this elbow-rubbing season.

Here's a quick list of the pros and cons of online shopping. If you have anything in mind, let me know, too.

saves time - no lines, no traffic
saves parking fee / fare
you can do it 24/7
delivery - you can do shopping for a friend or a relative
easier to exchange item
more discount coupons

limited choices (in some online shops not everything is available)
physical presence - not able to fit the item
time - you have to wait for the item to be delivered
billing errors -
no return, no exchange - in most of the online shops

This is all about shopping, so it's Merry Me