Wednesday, October 10, 2012

True to its name, PuroMakapuno!

Have you tried eating macapuno? Did you love it? Wait, 'til you read this!

I can't remember the last time I ate macapuno before I tasted this unforgettable one two Saturdays ago after the Summit (more about it here) I attended. I received three bottles of PuroMakapuno as giveaways from the said event. When I got home, I excitedly showed my loot bag to my parents because I know they love pasalubongs. They were a little hesitant to believe that I got them for free; they thought I bought it somewhere. So after dinner, Dad opened one bottle so we can taste it. I thought they were just being their normal matakaw selves that night because they were scooping out macapuno from the bottle a number of times. Dad said, "eto ang makapuno. Puro!", and Mom totally agreed. I saw their happy devouring facial expressions so after eating dinner I tried it also. And yes, it was really yummy! It was just supposed to be a tikim, but we ate half of one bottle.

half-empty PuroMakapuno bottle :p
By the time we ended with our dessert, they were asking me how much one bottle is, but I didn't know the answer so I tried looking for the Facebook page and website. I came about their website and I learned that they are just not producing and selling this good stuff, but they are also advocates of helping provide livelihood for Filipinos. Their service offers a complete business package that includes the following:
  1. Supply of embryo-cultured true-to-type PuroMakapuno seedlings good for a one-hectare farm.
  2. Technical assistance in the cultural management of the plantation;
  3. Technical assistance in the set-up and operation of an embryo-culture laboratory; and
  4. Marketing assistance for embryo-cultured Makapuno seedlings and Makapuno preserves or “Buy-Back Agreement” for Makapuno embryos and Makapuno nuts.

Seem interested? Read more from the PhilHybrid website or send them an email at

I shared to my good friend, Jobs, this good news and she loved it! I'm sure you'll love PuroMakapuno, too! Show them your support here.

Merry me 

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