Saturday, September 29, 2012

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2012

This is my nth blog.

I mostly right write about personal experiences and some random phrases that ends rhyming which I consider poems. I always wanted to create another "impersonal" blog so that I can write about other stuff like reviews. Every day or every other day, I always think of a name for this new blog, and I just end there, thinking. Finally, I'm two steps ahead now. Done with the thinking, deciding, and registering.


Thus, my first entry.


I was expecting to learn a lot today. Yes, I know that I'm already exposed to digital marketing, but I also know that I still have a lot to learn about it. The knitty gritty part, the back bone of it. In summary, these are the highlights of what I learned today, in my own understanding.

First is SEO. All I know about SEO is usage of keywords to make your brand more searchable on the internet. See how limited my knowledge is? Today, I learned that it is not really about getting all the keywords possible and making your brand number 1 on the list when all of these keywords are used (which most of the clients would like to happen). It is about ROI, conversion, and REAL value.

Second is use Google+. I have a Google+ account but I do not open it. I learned that Google+ can be a useful for a blog. They said that the fastest way for new content to be indexed on Google is to click thath Google+button.

Third is about Advocates. Influencers vs. Advocates. It would be better if a brand builds a community of advocates than influencers. Mainly because Advocates have that brand love, and that's true love! You are sure that advocates really love your brand and they are willing to share it because they just love it, not because they're paid to do it. And what must a brand do to have advocates? Just have a very good product and service.

And to top it all, I finally got the energy to create this blog to try out writing some reviews. Thank you to dim2012 for the inspiration.

Congratulations to Ms. Janette Toral. My expectations were indeed met. To view the complete programme you may click here >>

Freebies from dim2012 and Hershey's pasalubong from my friend

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